Bed Bug Outbreaks Surge with Reopened Travel

As the world reopens its doors to travel, there’s more than just excitement in the air. Bed bugs, those resilient and unwanted globetrotters, are making a comeback, hitchhiking across the globe. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the recent bed bug outbreaks, as well as the alarming discovery of bed bugs in Ohio schools, offering essential tips to keep you informed and protected.

Bed bugs have become a global concern, with recent infestation surges in both Paris, France, and Seoul, South Korea, due to the resumption of international travel. In Paris, bed bugs are making their presence known in public transport, hotels, and accommodations, while in Seoul, the vibrant metropolis is experiencing an upswing in incidents as international tourists flock to the city. Additionally, a sobering reminder of the bed bug threat came from the Norwalk City School District (NCSD) on November 1st of this year, when bed bugs and cockroaches were confirmed in several local buildings, including schools, emphasizing the need for local vigilance against these unwanted pests.

Tips to Protect Yourself from Bed Bugs

  1. Inspect Your Hotel Room: When traveling, thoroughly inspect your hotel room for any signs of bed bugs. Check the mattress, headboard, and seams for tiny reddish-brown bugs or their shed skins. If you suspect an infestation, request a room change.
  2. Protect Your Luggage: Use luggage encasements to keep bed bugs from hitching a ride in your bags. Upon returning home, wash and dry your clothes on high heat to eliminate any potential bed bugs.
  3. Educate Your Family: Teach your family about bed bug awareness. Ensure that they recognize the signs of bed bugs and understand the importance of reporting any unusual bug bites or skin reactions.
  4. Schools: Parents with children attending schools in affected areas should be extra cautious. Inspect your child’s belongings, encourage good hygiene practices, and stay informed about the school’s actions to address the issue.

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