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Pest and Termite Control Services – Pickerington, OH

Your Local Pest and Termite Control Experts in Pickerington

Pickerington, Ohio, is where you can find the Motorcycle Hall of Fame, just off Interstate 70. It is a highly residential area with a suburban feel.

Pests can be a nuisance! They can cause damage to both public and private property, contaminate food, and even spread disease. It is crucial that you act quickly to prevent the problem from getting worse. Choosing a dependable partner with experience in Pest Extermination and Termite Treatment is the best way to deal with these situations. We are the experts you are looking for!

Champion Pest and Termite Control is the leading Pest and Termite Control Company in your area. With over 30 years of industry experience, we provide expert solutions for Residential and Commercial clients to understand what to inspect, how to get rid of pests, and how to prevent unwanted pests from returning. Our goal is to address pest and termite problems quickly and responsibly by utilizing the latest pest control treatment services to keep Pickerington safe and healthy.

We founded this company on the principle that our customers always come first.

Your Professional Exterminator Company in Pickerington, Ohio

Nothing ruins your day quite like discovering a pest infestation in your home. When this happens, contact Champion Pest & Termite Control in Pickerington, Ohio for effective and convenient pest control services. Our team of state-licensed technicians has more than 30 years of combined experience. We know what to look for, how to get rid of pests, and how to keep unwanted critters from returning. Whether you need year-round, seasonal, or one-time treatment, Champion is here for you. Contact us today to get a free quote.

Professional Pest Treatment Service
Protect Your Home with Champion's Pest Control Services

Keep Pests Away With Quality Pest Control Services

Termites, bed bugs, and other unwanted pests put your Pickerington home at risk, potentially carrying bacteria, diseases, and messes into your house. Removing these pests and keeping them away can help your house stay clean and safe. Champion uses modern pest control treatments and effective techniques to remove insects and other pests from your home and prevent new ones from coming in. We offer a variety of services to fit your needs, including year-round, seasonal, one-time service and preventative maintenance. Our team can handle a variety of infestations, including ants, termites, spiders, bed bugs, rodents, and more. Whether you’ve seen unwanted critters crawling around, suspect you might have an infestation, or simply want to shield your home, call Champion Pest & Termite Control in Pickerington for effective pest management.

We Handle Your Termites and Pest Infestation Problems

No infestation is too big or small for our company to handle. We treat residential and commercial properties in Pickerington, Ohio for a variety of pests, from small insects to big rodents.



Termites can damage wood floors, walls, furniture and more, leaving your home with hollowed-out wood and structural issues. If you spot termite damage or suspect a termite infestation, contact us for termite treatment.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can hide in your bed, carpet, couch and more, and a bite from a bed bug can cause skin irritation. If you think you might have bed bug bites or suspect a bed bug infestation, be sure to contact our pest control company as soon as possible.


Rodents can damage your home’s wiring, carry diseases, and leave droppings throughout your home. If you see rodents or notice signs of an infestation, contact Champion in Pickerington for an inspection.
Bees & Wasps


Getting too close to a wasp nest or trying to remove one by yourself can result in getting stung. To prevent painful stings to family and pets, contact Champion to remove the nests for you.

Many More

Champion can rid your home of a variety of pests, including termites, bed bugs, rodents, wasps, ants, spiders, mosquitos, cockroaches, fleas, and stink bugs. When you need an exterminator in Pickerington, contact Champion.

Residential Pest Control in Pickerington

You deserve to feel comfortable in your home. If you’re experiencing critter problems at your Pickerington area home and need an exterminator, contact Champion. We offer pest control services and treatment options for a wide range of critters. We’ll rid your home of existing pests and help prevent new ones from showing up. Each treatment is performed by a state-licensed technician, so you can feel confident in our approach and results. We’ll inspect your home, discuss your specific bug problem, and recommend and provide the best solutions. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Stop Your Spider Problem With Help From Champion Pest
Keep Mosquitoes Away with Help from Champion Pest & Termite Control

Commercial Pest Control in Pickerington

Our company offers insect control and other pest control services to businesses and institutions in Pickerington, Ohio and the surrounding area. Whether you’re dealing with bed bugs, termites, rodents or other pests, our team of state-licensed technicians can remove them from your building and shield your facility against future infestations. We provide pest control to office buildings, rental properties, federal and state buildings, schools, churches, doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, and more. We also provide pest inspections for real estate transactions. When you need an exterminator, call Champion.

Certified Technicians and Pest Control Experts

Don’t leave pest control to just anyone. The knowledgeable team at Champion Pest & Termite Control has a combined 30+ years of experience and is ready to tackle your bug problem. Each inspection, termite treatment and pest control service is performed by a state-licensed technician, so you can trust us to do quality work. We accurately identify the types of pests in your home, eliminate them using today’s best pest control practices, and help you feel comfortable in your home again. We also offer preventative maintenance to help keep pests away for good. When you need a pest control company you can rely on, call Champion in Pickerington, Ohio.

Pest Control Packages to Fit Your Needs

At Champion, we’re committed to providing high-quality pest control at fair prices. We offer multiple pest control packages to fit your needs and help keep your Pickerington residential or commercial property a safe and healthy environment.

Our Year-Round Plus package includes four scheduled quarterly services, one each in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Seasonal mosquito service is provided May through September. In the event of returning infestations, we provide retreatment as needed.

Our standard Year-Round package includes four scheduled quarterly services with retreatment as needed for returning infestations.

Our seasonal package includes three scheduled services, one each in the spring, summer, and fall. In the event of returning infestations, retreatment is provided as needed.

Champion also offers one-time treatment services. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Exterminator Services

Our Process

The pest control professionals at Champion follow a process we call the 3 E’s: Examine, Explain, and Execute. This process ensures we provide quality service that fits your pest control needs.



We start each pest control service by listening to your concerns and asking questions to better understand your home’s issues. We may ask about the types and number of pests you’re seeing, how often you see them, and where you’re seeing them.



Based on what we learn during our discussion and inspection, we’ll recommend a specific treatment. We’ll explain the service, discuss the equipment and solutions the technician will be using, and let you know if there’s anything you need to do to prepare for your pest control service.


A licensed technician will perform your pest control service at a date and time that works best for you. You’ll experience high-quality results and exceptional customer service.

Contact Champion Pest & Termite Control

When you have a termite infestation, bed bug problem, or other pests and you need them gone, don’t delay. Contact Champion Pest & Termite Control in Pickerington for a free estimate.

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