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Stop Your Spider Problem With Help From Champion Pest

Champion Pest & Termite Control in Columbus, OH is ready to tackle any spider or pest problem you’re experiencing. Spiders like to hide, and female spiders can lay hundreds of eggs in one egg casing, causing one pest to quickly become many pests and making the problem hard to control. Whether you’re dealing with just a few or an infestation, Champion can get your home spider-free with professional pest control services. Contact us via our online form or give us a call to request a quote for service.

Stop Your Spider Problem With Help From Champion Pest

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Which Spiders Live in Ohio?

Hundreds of Spider Species Call Ohio Home

There are over 40,000 spider species worldwide, but only about 600 of those species live in Ohio. Some are natural Ohio residents while others have hitched a ride here on food or lumber shipments. According to the Ohio Division of Wildlife, all species of Ohio spiders but one are venomous, but bites are rare and most venoms do not affect humans.

Why Are Spiders a Problem?

Why are Spiders a Problem?

Spiders play an important role in controlling mosquito, fly, and other insect populations, which is beneficial to you and the environment. However, if you’re seeing a lot of these pests around your home, this means they have enough food to sustain a large population, which could quickly get out of control. This could also point to a secondary infestation, which would require treatment. If you notice spiders or pests, it might be time for professional pest control service.

Where Do Spiders Hide?

Where Do Spiders Hide?

Spiders can typically be found in your home or property hanging around window corners, above the kitchen sink, in barns, garages, and outbuildings or hiding at the back of cabinets and in clothes. Spiders tend to like dark, cool areas such as basements, porches and even under siding.

Get Rid of Spiders with Help from Champion

Get Rid of Spiders with Help from Champion

Keeping a clean home and squashing spiders and pests when you see them is not an effective prevention or treatment plan for infestations. To effectively remove spiders from your house, you’ll need to call professionals for treatment. Our exterminators have the knowledge and resources to control and eliminate the pests in your home and prevent new ones from moving in. Contact Champion Pest & Termite Control in Columbus, OH today for pest control service.

Signs Of A Spider Infestation

Know What To Look For

Spiders enter your home or property through cracks in walls or gaps in window screens to escape cold and wet conditions outside. Once they are safe and happy inside your house, female spiders will lay egg casings, each of which contains hundreds of babies. By the time you kill the mother, more spiders may already be crawling around, making the problem hard to control. Often, these egg cases are too small to notice or are well hidden. Other signs of an infestation include seeing webs or an excessive amount of bugs, which could attract spiders to your home. If you see these signs, contact Champion Pest & Termite Control for service in Columbus, Ohio to request treatment.

Signs of Spider Infestation

Types of Spiders in Columbus

Spiders have eight legs, a body with two sections, and three or four pairs of eyes. While there are hundreds of species of spiders in Ohio, common species include black widow, wolf, jumping, parson, cobweb, bullheaded sac, and occasionally recluse spiders.

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

The wolf spider population in Ohio includes burrowing, field, brush-legged, pirate, striped, and thin-legged wolf spiders. Many of these are found in grassy areas. If you see wolf spiders, request pest control service.

Black Widow

Black Widow

Unlike male black widow spiders, female black widows pose a risk of biting. These pests can be identified by a red hourglass marking on their abdomen. If you see one, request pest control service.
Brown Recluse

Brown Recluse

Like their name suggests, brown recluses are brown in color and are known for being dangerous to humans. Luckily, these are very rare in Columbus and the rest of Ohio. If you see one, request pest control service.

Spider Control FAQs

When Should You Call An Exterminator For Spiders?

If you notice a few spiders in your home, calling a Columbus, Ohio exterminator can prevent the problem from getting out of control. Webs and egg sacs are also signs it’s time to seek professional spider control services and treatments. If you notice other pests and bugs in your home, pest control services may also be needed.

Does One Spider Mean More?

One spider doesn’t necessarily mean there’s more, but pay attention to whether or not you start seeing more of these pests. If you notice multiple spiders or an egg sac, which could release hundreds of babies, it’s time to call an exterminator for pest control treatment and to resolve the issue before it gets out of control.

What Attracts Spiders In Your House?

Spiders enter your house from the outside seeking shelter from cold or wet areas. They’re also attracted to food sources, so if your Columbus home has a large amount of insects or bugs, this could attract spiders to your home.

How Much Does Spider Extermination Cost?

All of our Columbus, Ohio pest control services, including spider control service, vary in cost based on how severe the infestation is and the size of your home or property being treated. For more information about our treatments and pricing, fill out our form to contact us and request a quote.