What’s That Smell?

Sep 29, 2020

Some fall scents are recognizable. There are pumpkin and apple, leaves. But some fall scents are not pleasant. Here are some fall pest scents that we could all live without…

Stink bugs!
The Brown Marmorated Stink bug is a brown bug in the shape of a shield with a think exoskeleton. This bug gets its name from the unpleasant odor that it discharges when it is squished. While these pests don’t do any harm to humans, they are quite a nuisance as they enter homes in the fall to find a cozy place to spend the winter.

Boxelder bugs!
Named for the tree on which they most commonly feed, Boxelder bugs not only leave behind a smell, but they may also leave a reddish-orange stain on surfaces. Like the stink bug, they hibernate in winter and reemerge in the spring.

While some may believe that ladybugs are good luck, the multicolored Asian lady beetle has a yellow liquid that it uses to defend itself. In addition to foul odor and staining color, the Asian lady beetle has been known to aggravate asthma and cause allergic reactions to some humans.

Protect your home from these terrible odors. Prepare your home for winter by caulking any broken seals, cracks, and crevices where these pests may be able to enter your home. Preventative pest control should be applied to repel these pests from your home around the foundation, windows, and eaves. If these pests do make their way into your home, do not squish them! Instead, vacuum them up and empty the vacuum bag to ensure that the odor does linger.

Interested in a fall preventative treatment? Call Champion Pest & Termite Control today at (614) 362-3088. Don’t let unwanted house guests in your home this year!