Spider closeup on the wall

Spider Exterminator Columbus Ohio

If you sprint for the door when you see a spider in your home, be sure to grab your phone on the way out to give us a call. Champion Pest & Termite Control is ready to tackle any spider problem you’re experiencing.

It's not all bad, but you don't want them indoors do you?

Spiders have eight legs, a body with two sections, and three or four pairs of eyes. There are over 40,000 spider species worldwide, but only about 600 of those species live in Ohio. Some are natural residents while others have hitched a ride here on food or lumber shipments. According to the Ohio Division of Wildlife, only one species of Ohio spider is not venomous, but bites are rare and most venoms do not affect humans.

Spiders play an important role in controlling mosquito, fly, and other insect populations which is beneficial to you and the environment, but if you’re seeing a lot of spiders around your home, this means they have enough food to sustain a large population. This could point to a secondary infestation.

Hundreds of baby spiders can become a real concern!

Spiders enter your home through cracks in walls or gaps in window screens to escape cold and wet conditions outside. Once they are safe and happy inside your home, female spiders will lay egg casings, each of which contains hundreds of baby spiders. By the time you kill the mother, more spiders may already be crawling around. Often, these egg cases are too small to notice or are well hidden.

You can't squash them all!

Squashing a spider only takes care of a single one. To permanently eliminate spiders from your home, you will need to call the professionals. Black widow spiders, wolf spiders, jumping spiders, parson spiders, cobweb spiders, bullheaded sac spiders, and occasionally recluse spiders can all be found in your home hanging around window corners, above the kitchen sink, in barns, garages, and outbuildings or hiding at the back of cabinets and in clothes.

Keeping a clean home and eliminating spiders when you see them is not an effective prevention or treatment plan for spider infestations. Call Champion Pest & Termite Control today to keep an itsy-bitsy spider from becoming a huge problem.