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Pets Are Family. We Help Keep Them Safe.

Performing pest control services shouldn’t mean putting your pets in danger. As a pet friendly pest control company, Champion Pest & Termite Control takes specific measures to rid your home of pests while protecting your animals. We carefully choose the pesticides we use in your home and always make you aware of any necessary precautions to keep you and your pets safe before, during and after pest treatment and removal. When you need a Columbus, Ohio exterminator with animal friendly solutions, contact Champion Pest & Termite Control.

Don't Try to Remove the Hive Yourself!
Don't Try to Remove the Hive Yourself!

Pet-Friendly Pest Control Services

When pest control service is done correctly, it’s fine for homes that have pets. Champion Pest & Termite Control always makes sure the proper steps are taken to help protect your animals, from the products we use to our treatment methods to the advice we give.

We Use Safer Products

Each pest problem requires a unique solution with specific ingredients and application method. No matter what type of infestation we’re treating, we strive to use products that are the least toxic yet the most effective. We carefully choose pesticides based on your specific needs and use them only as intended, ensuring treatment is done in a way that minimizes any hazards to our family and pets. Our pest control and removal experts have the knowledge and experience to properly perform all services using the correct solutions. We can also offer advice to help prevent bugs from showing up in the first place, empowering you to more proactively protect your animals and home.

We Use Careful Procedures

Each pest service we offer is performed by a highly skilled exterminator who keeps the safety of your family and pets in mind. In addition to applying treatments properly and with care, our team will discuss the treatment with you ahead of time to help you prepare. We’ll let you know if you need to remove yourself or your pets from the home and how you can protect your pets during and after treatment.

Preparing your home for pest control service may include removing all food – including pet food – from the room to be treated. You may also need to keep pet toys, water bowls, and bedding in another part of the home away from the area being treated. Depending on the service being provided, we’ll let you know if your pets need to stay inside, outside or in another room until treatment is over. We’ll also inform you of what to do once your service is complete. This will likely include keeping your pet away from the treated area until the treatment has dried. Some treatments are more complex than others, so exact steps will depend on which treatment your property is receiving.

Keep Ants, Fleas and Other Pests Away

Is pest control safe for pets? Yes, and it’s also important. While any pest infestation is a nuisance, some bugs can cause more problems for your pets than others. If you find ants, fleas, mosquitos, spiders or bed bugs crawling around your Columbus, OH home, contact Champion Pest & Termite Control to schedule pest extermination and removal service.

Ants may be small, but they can still be a big problem. In addition to getting into food, ants can bite your pets, causing pain and irritation. Flea bites can also cause pain and irritation, as well as potentially spread diseases. Just like mosquitoes are annoying to humans, they’re annoying to pets, too. Mosquito bites can cause irritation and itching and may spread bacteria. Spiders can bite your pets as well and are especially dangerous when they’re a venomous type. The black widow and wolf spider, for example, are found in Ohio and can be toxic to pets, especially small animals. Bed bugs can also bite pets and should be exterminated if found. Luckily, we can take care of all of these critters for you, giving you and your pet a healthier, more comfortable home.

Don't Try to Remove the Hive Yourself!

Safely Treat Your Columbus, OH Pest Problem

Protect your four-legged friends from painful and dangerous pest bites. If you notice the above or other pests in your Ohio home, contact Champion Pest & Termite Control for treatment and removal. Your pets will thank you, and you’ll enjoy a home free of problematic critters.

Don't Try to Remove the Hive Yourself!

Trust the Pest Control Professionals at Champion Pest & Termite Control

Hiring an experienced exterminator is crucial to ridding your home of unwanted insects and rodents while protecting your beloved animals. The Champion Pest & Termite Control team has more than 30 combined years of experience. We know how to treat a wide range of infestations while working carefully to protect your family and pets.

While you could treat pests on your own, you don’t want to accidentally make your pets sick by applying pesticide incorrectly or hiring an inexperienced company. When you hire Champion, you can feel confident that all pest solutions are properly used based on your home’s specific needs and the necessary precautions are taken. You can expect high-quality results and peace of mind knowing your home is being cared for by a professional team. Let Champion transform your home into a pest-free space you can enjoy.

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