How To Detect Bed Bugs in Your Hotel

Sep 1, 2016

When traveling, bed bugs are not an issue that you will want to deal with. Fortunately, Champion Pest Control has steps that you can take in order to avoid bed bug problems during your travels. There is always potential for bed bugs to be present in your hotel bed, and for this reason it is important to take precaution. Any time that you stay in a hotel whether it be on vacation, on a business trip, or on the road, you should be sure to inspect the room for bed bugs.

It is recommended to either leave your luggage in the bathroom or in your car prior to fully inspecting your room. This is recommended because it will prevent the bed bugs from getting into your clothes if they do happen to be in the room.

“I suggest bringing a small flashlight in order to inspect for bed bugs,” says Dwight Holloway, Owner, Champion Pest & Termite Control. For the inspection itself, you will want to pack a small flashlight. Use the flashlight while pulling back the sheets, checking the box spring, and behind the headboard if possible.

Apart from inspecting the bed itself, we also recommend checking the luggage rack for bed bugs and pests prior to placing your luggage on the rack. Another helpful tip is to avoid using hotel dressers because bed bugs are capable of hiding in wood.

The next time you are staying in a hotel, be sure to inspect for bed bugs and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about inspecting for bed bugs during your travels!