Do Pest Extermination Chemicals Harms Pets?

Mar 6, 2020

Your dog, your cat, and even the fish. Whether you get them when they are first born or adopt them later in life, one thing remains true, a pet coming into your life is a big deal. These animals come into your life as loyal friends. They are there with you through thick and thin, a faithful loving companion, always happy to see you when you come home, and pets do not judge you for the crazy things you do (like singing in the shower or dancing while you clean… we know you do it)! For many people, your pets are a beloved part of your family. You love your pets.

Love Your Exterminator

Do you know who else you love? You love your exterminator. That’s right, your exterminator! Exterminators come to your home, fight the battle against harmful, annoying pests that invade your home. Pests that are not invited, pests that are not welcomed, and pests that your dogs and cats do not like. These pests may make you scream or make your skin crawl. They may be eating the food in your kitchen or pantry. Maybe you’ve spotted them chewing on papers and boxes in your basement. Or worse, maybe they’re feeding on your pet. Sometimes, pests even make your dog’s skin itch, making him miserable! Don’t worry. The exterminator’s job is to come to your home and either proactively stop pests from entering your home or reactively eliminate pests that have gotten in.

So it’s important that you know what to do to keep your fur baby safe when the exterminator arrives to do your pest control service. Whether it’s interior or exterior, your pest-control treatment is sure to make your dog curious. Who is that pest control exterminator? What is he or she doing? Where is he or she going? Why did the exterminator come here? We’ve seen The Secret Life of Pets so we know dogs want to know EVERYTHING. But, is that okay? Can the dog be curious? How do you make sure that your pet stays safe when the exterminator comes to visit?

Does your dog know when the person to treat your pest control arrives? Sure he does! The dog’s tail wags. Sometimes the dog arrives at the door before the technician even rings the doorbell. At every treatment that an exterminator does, he or she should make you aware of any necessary precautions that you need to take and what to do with your animals based on the target pest.

Are Treatments Safe?

General pest control treatments are typically odorless and colorless and can be used safely around pets when applied according to label instructions. While the exterminator is treating your home, it is best to place pets in the room that is not being treated until the technician is done. Once the application has dried, it is safe for pets to return.

With certain applications, such as fleas and bed bugs, an exterminator will perform a more extensive treatment. When the exterminator arrives, he or she will make you aware of any need to vacate certain areas and for what period of time. When your pet comes home, they will know the exterminator has been there, but they will not be.

At Champion Pest & Termite Control, we know you love a pest-free home… and your animals do too! We care about your pet’s safety. Whether the company you choose to treat your pest control comes quarterly, annually or just one time, the exterminator’s job is to perform the service safely. Be sure you and the exterminator do take time to follow all necessary precautions when the exterminator is coming to do his job.