Front Portrait of a Red Brown Ant

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Champion Pest & Termite Control is your trusted source for ant extermination. If your home is experiencing an infestation, we can help.

How many ant species live in central Ohio?

It starts out as a black dot on the floor, then another and another until a whole conveyer belt of ants are marching through your kitchen or office breakroom. Although they’re tiny, ants can cause huge problems in your home or office. There are over 10 common ant species found in and around Columbus including black ants, pharaoh ants, crazy ants, acrobat ants, carpenter ants, and more. Our Champion exterminators will identify and eradicate any ant infestation.

What is the risk?

Ants live in large colonies under your yard, inside trees, under concrete slabs, in cracks in walls, in flower beds, etc. Nests extend several feet or even yards underground and spread in every direction. When the first ant finds a food source, it leaves a scent trail for others to follow. Ants will enter through gaps or cracks in exterior walls, where wires or pipes enter from the outside, and even climb down overhanging tree branches or slip under ineffective door and window seals. An infestation in your kitchen or pantry creates unsanitary conditions for your family and could mean tossing out hundreds of dollars in contaminated food.

How do we treat ants?

Fast acting ant bait or sticky traps only collect the workers who wander inside, leaving thousands of ants alive in the colony ready to find a new way into your home. Ants are smart enough to avoid over-the-counter barrier sprays and will return to these areas as soon as the chemicals have dissipated. Only once a colony is destroyed at the source will you have a permanent ant solution.

Following a line of ants to the colony can be tricky, but our expert ant trackers can sniff out any trail. After we locate the source, our exterminators will use a specialized treatment to penetrate deep into the ground, reaching every corner of the nest. Next, they will seal up any cracks or other possible entry points to the indoors. Finally, they will lay down a pet and family-safe protective spray that disrupts existing scent trails and deters future ants. This spray should be reapplied occasionally for continued protection and prevention.

Don’t let little ants make big trouble. Call Champion Pest & Termite Control, your trusted source for ant extermination. Our exterminators have nearly 20 years of experience helping Ohio families and businesses keep ants away. Join our list of satisfied customers today.