Close up side view of a wild brown house mouse, Mus musculus, on top of a jar of food in a kitchen cabinet.  The rodent is gazing downward, and the lid of the jar is gold.

Solve your Rodent Problem with Central Ohio’s Professional Exterminators.

Although mice are a popular household pet, they can also be a huge pest when they enter your home uninvited. Let the professionals at Champion Pest & Termite Control be your mouse infestation solution.

Don't let the population get out of hand!

Mice are amongst the smallest of rodents, generally averaging half the size of a rat, but they can still do major damage to your home and put your family’s health at risk. The house mouse and the deer mouse are amongst the most common invaders in central Ohio. Deer mice prefer wooded areas for most of the year and generally begin infestations in winter when they are trying to escape the cold. House mice, on the other hand, are known to invade at any time of year. Mice can reproduce every 24 days with litters of 5-15 pups, forming colonies of 30 to 50 individuals within a matter of months and reaching the hundreds shortly thereafter.

Mice can nest just about anywhere!

Due to their small size and ability to collapse their bodies, mice can enter your home through holes much smaller than you might imagine; an opening the diameter of a number 2 pencil is all it takes. They will also scale walls, climb tree branches, scurry over wires, wade through pipes, and chew their way in through window and door seals, exterior siding, or flooring and baseboards. Once inside, they will make nests in your walls where they remain until they come out to hunt for food at night.

Within your walls, mice chew through pipes, wiring, insulation, support beams, and ducts. Frayed wires can lead to house fires, leaky pipes lead to water damage, and structural weakening affects the entire building. In other words, nothing good can come from a mouse infestation.

A Health Risk That Hides!

It isn’t just the physical damage that you need to worry about. The saliva, droppings, and urine of mice can carry dangerous diseases such as salmonella and hantavirus (a severe, sometimes fatal, respiratory virus passed from rodents to humans). Because rodents can chew through cardboard and plastic containers with ease, food is best kept in glass jars or heavy-duty metal tins. There can be no compromises when it comes to your family’s safety, so any items that have evidence of tampering or are near mouse droppings should be discarded and the kitchen and pantry will need to be cleaned and disinfected.

Mice are exceptionally good at hiding, so even if you don’t see any individuals, you could still have an infestation. Finding chew holes in clothing, pantry items, floorboards, etc is a sure sign that mice have entered your home. At night, you may hear scratching or rustling as they become active to go in search of food. Mice are cautious and tend to run the same paths around a room, staying close to baseboards. Over time you may see tracks in these areas or greasy smudges may develop. Calling the professionals is the best way to confirm an infestation. Only with proper identification can your pest problems be solved effectively.

You can try traps, but they might not work!

It is difficult to eradicate mice with home remedies. Snap traps and glue traps come with a nasty disposal requirement and can be dangerous if small hands or pet paws decide the trap is a toy. Both these devices can seem unnecessarily cruel compared to removal methods used by professional exterminators. While more humane, live traps necessitate relocation of the mouse to a safe place. Any traps used are only intended to catch individuals, leaving the rest of the colony free to keep reproducing. Poisoned baits are another option, but these chemicals are unsafe for homeowners to handle and there is no way to control where the mouse might wander before it dies.

Our professional extermination team will complete a thorough inspection, initiate a full removal, and complete the disposal of all pests, as well as offer preventative solutions for the future. A mouse infestation damages your home and produces unsanitary eating conditions. Don’t risk your family’s health, call Champion Pest & Termite Control today to solve your mouse problem.