Cockroach eating a bread on old wooden table

Cockroaches Extermination in Columbus, OH

Champion Pest & Termite Control is your trusted source for exterminating cockroaches fast to leave your home pest-free and guard it from them in the future.

What Type of Cockroaches Live in Ohio?

There are 4000 species of cockroaches worldwide, but only a handful are frequent visitors to homes and apartments in Ohio. The two most common species are the American cockroach and the German cockroach. Both behave very differently and there are specialized extermination techniques for each species. German cockroaches are small (about 0.4 – 0.7 inches) while American cockroaches are much larger (an average of 1.6 inches). Both species have wings, but only the American roach uses them.

Roaches are widely known for surviving in extreme environments and their habitats range from the arctic to the tropics, however, most species prefer warmth which is why they seek out shelter inside your home. Keeping your home clean might make it harder for roaches to thrive, but cleanliness is not the only factor in why a roach moves in. The two most common ways a roach infestation begins are through pipes and sewers and by you accidentally carrying them in from the outside. Roaches contaminate food, spread disease, cause allergies and asthma, and can even bite humans. Although most roaches only live for a few months to a few years (no, they won’t survive a nuclear blast), they reproduce at alarming rates with 30-40 eggs laid every 50-60 days, meaning a full-blown infestation could occur only months after the first roach sighting.

Cockroaches shy away from the light and it’s likely you will only see them momentarily as you flip on a light in a dark room. German cockroaches love kitchens and prefer warm spots such as the space under your oven, dishwasher, or refrigerator. American cockroaches prefer moist environments such as basements, foundations, crawl spaces, and under porches. Because of their size, the German cockroach is great at hiding in small cracks and crevices.

Many Cockroaches are resistant to store bought treatment!

A single roach may be taken care of with a store bought spray, but chances are, that roach isn’t alone and may have already laid eggs in your home or apartment. Many roaches have also adapted to be resistant to commercial pesticides and other home remedies. Our professional exterminators have the right tools to eliminate cockroaches from your house forever. We use pesticides that are safe for you and your family, but strong and effective against roaches.

You don’t have to live with cockroaches any longer when you call Champion Pest & Termite.