Carpenter Ants Exterminators in Columbus, OH

Champion Pest & Termite Control is a leading expert in removing carpenter ant colonies from inside the walls of your home and preventing another infestation.

What are carpenter ants?

Ants are identified by their segmented bodies and large antennae. Carpenter ants can grow past half an inch long and have prominent mandibles (jaws) prefect for digging through planks. They live in colonies of thousands inside damp or rotting wood and provide a necessary step in the lifecycle of a forest, but if they enter your home they become an irritating invader. The Columbus climate is a particular favorite for carpenter ants due to the average rainfall turning the surrounding forests into a neverending buffet of damp wood. Your home needs to be protected from carpenter ant invasions to avoid permanent structural damage.

What is the risk?

Carpenter ants don’t eat wood, the carve tunnels into it to make nests. These nests can extend behind multiple walls and rooms as the colony grows. Piles of fine sawdust around baseboards or window sills can be an obvious sign of a carpenter ant infestation. Carpenter ants don’t enter through cracks or openings, they chew their way in, but they need a moist place to do this. If you have had water damage in your home, you may be at particular risk of an infestation.

How do we treat carpenter ants?

Our professional service team will conduct a detailed search for carpenter ant colonies all the way from your crawl spaces up to your attic. Champion Pest & Termite control will not rest until every ant has been found and removed, leaving your house safe and pest free. Damage from carpenter ants and termites can often be confused so our team will confirm your home’s diagnosis before suggesting treatment. Not only do we ensure 100% eradication, but we do so using the latest methods that are the least invasive to your home.

There’s no DIY kit for this one. Spraying with chemicals will scatter the ants, splitting them into more colonies and spreading them around your home. Even if you find and eliminate one ant nest, there may be others hiding where you can’t see. We identify and remedy every current and potential entry point while giving your walls multiple treatments to eliminate existing colonies. Our exterminators can then set up recurring ant control sprayings for the exterior of your home to help prevent reinfestation.

The Champion Pest & Termite Control difference is clearly visible in the results of our happy customers. You can rest easy knowing you and your family are in good hands. Calling about your carpenter ant problem today means avoiding costly home repairs and catching infestations before they grow out of control; don’t delay.